Anything is possible……

Do you ever dream of having a job your passionate about?
Do you ever dream of having a job that doesn’t feel like work?
Do you ever dream of having a life that you don’t need to take a holiday from?
For years I remember hearing people talk about jobs like that, if I’m honest never really believed they existed, I defiantly never thought someone like me could ever feel that way about work.
I was an accountant, I was good at what I did, but I defiantly didn’t have a passion for it and it defiantly didn’t get me excited. Almost 3 years ago I left my job and life to go traveling for what I thought was a 6 month trip. I remember the moment that everything changed for me, during an ayahuasca ceremony I had a big realisation that I wasn’t going back to my old life. As I thought about what that meant I was filled with fear, I couldn’t travel forever and float through life, I would need to find a way to support my self and find my purpose.
Whenever I started to think about what I could do all that kept coming to me was finding a job that made other people happy, but what? Do jobs like that exist? I knew it wasn’t surface happiness I wanted to bring people it was deep happiness at their soul level.
This week I’ve realised my dream has come true, my ‘work’ makes people happy.
Last night I welcomed 22 beautiful women to a circle for the new moon and eclipse who left happy, inspired and more connected to them selves.
Last week I gave 9 Multi-Dimensional Chakra Healing sessions to brave souls who were ready to change and heal, they all left the session feeling happier, lighter and full of strength to move their lives forward.
I am there guiding them through it but all of the healing they are doing them selves, I’m there to create a space that allows that transformation and empowers them to see their strength.
I never really planned to become a healer, energy worker, space holder, cacao fairy or whatever other ‘job’ title I there is for what I do. I haven’t really worked that bit out yet.
I’m using the words work and job in inverted commas because really and truly what I’m doing doesn’t feel like work. I’m just being me, vulnerable, open, happy and authentic, sharing my stories and gifts with those who are drawn to spend time with me.
My journey from accountant to healer didn’t just magically happen. The last 2 years of transformation has been tough, I’ve had to let go of my whole life, of friendships and of the safety that my old life used to provide. I’ve have taken courses, studied, worked with different plant medicines, gone on retreats, gone deep in to my darkness and then found my light again (many many times).
I have learnt to trust I have the power and strength to make changes,
I have learnt that if I believe in my self something different is possible.
I have learnt that love and pure heart felt intention is the biggest driver for magic to happen.
I’m writing this post to give you hope. You don’t have to settle for that mundane job you have no passion for and that you struggle to get out of bed for. You have the ability to create the life you dream of, I am no different to you and I have done it.
I am so proud of the changes I have made and how far I have come, I still have a long way to go, this life of expansion and learning never ends. But I know that the ‘work’ I am doing is bringing deep happiness to other and in turn bringing deep happiness to me.
I am so grateful for all of my teachers, all of my clients, all of my friends and loved ones for you have all helped and supported me make these changes and become the person I am today.
So much love, 
Arktara Rose x