Authentic Intimacy - Temple Immersion

A 2 day temple retreat for those desiring to break out of societal norms & create a new embodied experience of what connection, sex and intimacy feel like.

We are excited to welcome you into an exclusive experience of where connection, ceremony and eros guide us into deeper parts of ourselves, leaving behind shame and celebrating our birthright of pleasure.

In this sacred ritualistic experience we explore the realms of authentic intimacy, vulnerability, and truth.

Through carefully crafted practices we reprogram our beliefs around connection and deepen your understanding of intimacy, whilst refining the art of communication

During this transformative experience, we guide you through some of our favourite techniques for cultivating an authentic life full of pleasure.

They will include

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a life with authentic intimacy, depth of communication and to normalise pleasure and sexuality.


 Integrity • Authenticity • Vulnerability • Pleasure •

Liberation • Compassion • Truth •


This is for you if:

We welcome all gender & sexual expressions and relationship types.


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What does the day look like?

Please note that each day may vary slightly

More about your hosts

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Arktara is a transformational facilitator and bodyworker focusing on intimacy and cacao. She believes embodiment, communication and vulnerability are the keys to deepening intimacy & love with yourself and others.

When you work with her you will learn tools to cultivate authenticity, to own your own pleasure & desires, enabling you to have deep, supportive heart connected relationships in all areas of your life. Her excitement is safe, inclusive spaces where the juicy flow leads to transformation.

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Abi is The Orgasmic Chef & Facilitator in Food, Music & Intimacy focusing on embodiment of pleasure & expression. She believes in a world with authentic intimacy and conscious sexuality, where children grow up with healthy examples of  relationships, love & communication.  

Working with her brings a depth of safety, understanding of yourself, your needs & desires and to playfully bring more pleasure, radically honest communication and not-give-a-f*ck attitude to your self expression.

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Prices & Location

To be paid in full upon booking. Please contact us directly if you would like to discuss a payment plan option, as we would love to see how we can accommodate you. 

Our hearts are open and ready to welcome you

Abi & Arktara

Tantra Retreat
Tantra Retreat
Tantra Retreat


Who is welcome in the temple?

The 2 day immersion is open to everyone, singles, couples, monogamous, open realtors, poly. This is a space for all relating types as well as all colours & races, all genders including non binary and is LGBTQIA+.

We welcome all levels of experience, whether you are new to The Temple Arts or have been journeying for years and would like to deepen your level of embodiment.

I want to come, but my partner cannot or doesn’t want to join. How does this work?

This is a journey all about YOU and your intimacy. This isn’t about sexual connections with other people, although for some that is a possibility. You can come without your partner and still receive a lot of tools, experiences and shifts that you can take home and share with them if they are open for that. You do not have to connect with anyone sexually, honouring your relationship agreements and listening to your needs throughout the experience. 

Can I join with my partner?

Yes – Couples are welcome. Part of the experience is solo and being in your own energy. We will have practices where you can choose to work only with your partner, or engage with the group. This is up to you to decide. For the evening Temple, it’s powerful to be in a space of sexual expression as a couple, to deepen your connection and to expand your ideas of what is possible in your intimate life together.

What should I expect?

We open the space and connect to ourselves. In intimacy, the connection with yourself is the essential foundation for, this is the foundation of all our practices. It is your inner centre, your anchor, your inner safety.
We make agreements as a group for you to feel deeply safe in your own body. 

We have 3 practices a day varying in flavour to give you a multi-sensory and deep experience, as well as time to rest, integrate and relax.

I am curious, but feel nervous & have a little resistance

Amazing, please bring those sensations with you. Ask yourself what is the resistance? And is this something that is blocking me from having what i actually want? What you resist, persists. We are here to support you to move through any blocks or resistance towards having the intimate adventures you desire. .Everything is welcome.

We have an experienced team of facilitators (Abi & Arktara) and usually 6 assistants all here to support you and answer questions if needed.

What do I wear?

We invite you to come dressed to feel comfortable for movement and meditation. Bring items like warm socks and jumpers to feel cosy.
For the evening sessions, we invite you to dress in a way that makes you feel like a beautiful expression of your sensual self. Think things like: Sexy, kinky, playful or whatever your heart desires! A change to explore what this looks like for you!