Cacao Ceremonies

Mmmmmmm Chocolate that opens your heart and facilitates healing?

My journey with cacao started in 2015 when i found a cacao shaman on the shores of Lake Atitaln, Guatemala who helped me change my life.

I believe love and especially self love is the key to all spiritual practices. I feel so grateful to have found this tool that has assisted me to connect to my authenticity and brought me to accept who i am with compassion.

What is Ceremonial grade cacao?

Known as the food of the gods, cacao is a powerful but soft feminine plant medicine used for many centuries in Guatemala and other places around the world. The spirit of cacao brings a subtle opening of the heart and activation of the chakra system. She is beautiful aid to meditation, dance, writing, singing, sound healing and other creative experiences.

My intention….

I want to bring a bit of the Guatemalan magic to Ibiza, Europe and other places worldwide to share my love for cacao with you all.

I will be hosting regular events using cacao such as:

  • Cacao Sound Journeys
  • Cacao ceremonies & workshops
  • Cacao meditations
  • Plus many more wonderful experiences

I also stock Guatemalan ceremonial grade cacao if you would like to receive and enjoy your self.

Isn’t cacao just chocolate?

The ceremonial grade cacao we will be working with and sharing is very different to the commercial chocolate you buy from the shops that is heavily processed and retains little of the magical, heart- opening properties of the ceremonial grade cacao. I have sourced the highest quality cacao from the land of the mayans – Guatemala. I have hand picked this cacao for its ceremonial and medicinal properties. It has no added ingredients just 100% of the purest cacao with high levels of antioxidants, magnesium and anandamine (the bliss molecule)

I look forward to opening our hearts and connecting with you through the medicine of cacao.


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