Divine Brother

Divine brother, please don’t confuse my love for sexuality
My heart is open and comes with no expectations
I want to hold you as a sister and as a mother, as friend and as priestess
My heart is over flowing with love that I want to share
Please feel my intention is pure and comes with unconditional love for you
This is because I’m overflowing with love for my self

I respect and honor all that I am and need nothing from any external source
I am whole, complete and full
Divine brother I desire the touch of your skin,
To hold you in a heart felt embrace
To lay next to you for hours
To gaze in to your eyes and breath together
To listen and to be heard on the deepest level

Opening ourselves up in vulnerability and expressing our souls truth
Divine brother I see how we can share these sacred interactions
To support each other, to nourish each other, to be intimate and close
Using our light to illuminate our shadows and wounds, internally, for each other and for the collective
To allow our inner masculine and feminine to dance together in cosmic play
But this does not need to be entangled with sexual energy

Divine brother Its time to step out of the old paradigm
To redefine how we interact and be there for each other as men and women walking side by side on this rainbow path

This is how we heal
This is how we learn
This is how we grow

So much love, 
Arktara Rose x