Feminine Empowerment

How do you feel when you read the words feminine empowerment?
For me a big part of my journey in to feeling empowered has been letting go of all of the old stories and beliefs about what being a in my feminine energy “should” look like.  What i “should” wear, How i “should” express myself, How i “should” connect with my sexuality.

I want to assist you to find your true self and to fully remember the beautiful unique being that you are.  At the very start of my journey of awakening i attended my first women’s circle in San Marcos, Guatemala. I had no idea spaces with so much support, connection and inspiration existed.

Growing up it had always been easier for me to have male friends rather than female. With girls there always seemed to be comparison, jealousy and spitefulness and i realised that this is all rooted from insecurities and not feeling good enough. After that initial experience I realised that it is part of my mission here on this beautiful planet to bring more self love, compassion and acceptance to the world, especially to women. Starting with myself and now sharing it with YOU.

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Are you ready to jump in with an open heart?

Will you take my hand as we go on a journey that will lead you to feel free, to open your heart and love yourself like you never thought was possible? The time now!!! I hold regular events in Ibiza, Guatemala and worldwide that bring women together including:

New moon women’s circles – Sitting in circle with your sisters, sharing wisdom, being heard and held, encouraging and inspiring each other, dissolving the veil and embracing your true authentic self. I will guide us through an experiential circle with a mixture of sharing, meditation, intention setting, movement, writing, connection, emotional release and sound healing depending on the group and moon energy.

Introduction to Yoni egg workshops – In the Indian tradition, the word Yoni is the divine passage, or the source of life.  It is the place where the invisible takes shape, where life and dreams are created.  The Yoni is both magical and erotic, a space of wisdom, creation and healing.  During this introductory workshop we will connect to our wombs and yonis through guided meditation. I will share why and how we use yoni eggs and what the benefits are from a physical, emotional and energetic perspective. I carry beautiful handmade Guatemalan Jade eggs that i have sourced with so much love.  This practice really has changed my life and with joy and passion i offer this to you.

Womens sensory connection- This workshop brings us together for a multi sensory journey. Through meditation, higher self writing, connection, eye gazing and blindfolded dance we will learn to hear our inner voice and empower ourselves to express with clarity. As we listen to our inner wisdom and intuition we feel how our bodies communicate yes and no.

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