In to the mystery of my womb

For years i dreaded my moon (period) arriving, i felt like it was an inconvenience, something i wanted to be over a quick as possible and never really talked about. I also knew i was pretty lucky, i never suffered with pain or cramps, i was always regular and didn’t have a heavy flow unlike many women i knew. But i had been on the contraceptive pill since i was 15 so didn’t really understand my body’s natural flow. In 2015 as i arrived in Guatemala something told me it was time to make a change and i stopped taking the daily little pill i had swallowed religiously every day for 18 years (wow its kind of scary when i realise how long i was taking it). It took around 6 months for my moon to come back but i was patient knowing my body was clearing itself of the chemicals and my hormones were working to find a new balance.

This change started my journey into the wisdom of my body, connection to my cycle and opening of my divine feminine.

Fast forward to the start of this year and after a long time being regular, bleeding in line with the new moon every month, my moon stopped.

It wasn’t until i moved back to Ibiza and found a bit of stability in my new home that i looked back in my diary to see how long it had been. I was a little surprised to see that 5 months and 5 new moons had passed, It was time to understand what was going on. I could feel my mind trying to create fear and stories about what the issue could be. At 36 with a desire to have children in the future I had all sorts of thoughts about my fertility and if this was something serious but every time i felt with my heart i knew this wasn’t what was going on for me.

I believe that our bodies communicate with us and they give us warning signs about how our lifestyle impacts our health. I was ready to listen and give my womb whatever see needed to be nourished enough to bleed……

I reached out to a dear sister Neema Star who works with womb wisdom and blood mysteries to get some suggestions about where to start. She suggested many things: diet, seed cycling, ovarian breath, acupuncture, womb meditation, changes to my current breath work and yoni egg practice, talking to my womb and looking at what changed in my life around the time it stopped.

From all of the suggestions i felt the most strongly pulled to acupuncture (although i incorporated most of them in to my healing journey). I had just met an amazing therapist a few days earlier. The universe had lined it up perfectly for me to start this healing.

Working with Helen Cockle from full circle health (link at the bottom) has changed my life. She’s brought awareness and a new perspective to areas of my life that i had no idea would have impacted my moon cycle, as we uncovered different things they seemed so obvious but I’d never made the connection.

Why did my moon cycle (period) stop?

The time it stopped coincide with the start of the busiest time with my work, i was sharing 2-4 events every week, working on retreats, plus giving a lot of healing sessions, everything i had been manifesting all arrived in to my life at the same time but my body didn’t have time to adjusted to this new faster pace. Being busy was amazing but i had let most of my daily practice fall away and wasn’t receiving anything to look after myself.  I was on fire, my yang energy was keeping me going but i was out of balance. I wasn’t doing anything to nourish my yin which is Chinese medicine is connected to the blood. It all made perfect sense.

So how did we bring my moon back……..

Helen used acupuncture to work with my hormones, energy, liver and kidneys and the internal channels connected to yin and my blood.

Together we looked at my lifestyle and how i could create more nourishment for myself and to allow my fire/yang to come back in to balance without me losing my focus and motivation with work.

The very next day it was time to celebrate, my moon came!!!

I continued seeing Helen every week for the next 4 weeks then on day 24 my moon came again, time for another celebration. We reduced my sessions down to every 2 weeks around ovulation and menstruation and 24 days later it came again.

All of the research Helen had done showed that it could be a 6-9 month treatment to bring it back regularly so it’s really a huge celebration and I’m so grateful for what we have achieved together. My journey isn’t over, my flow is very light and we will continue working together for some time but i couldn’t be more happy to be bleeding every month.

What practices have helped?

I started meditating with my womb and sending her love every day to listen to what she needs and reassure her that when she was ready to bleed i would create space in my busy schedule to rest and be still.

I’ve relaxed my strong breath and yoni egg practice using the internal locks (bandhas) and lots of pelvic floor exercises, it is now much slower and softer, with all of the breath starting and ending in my womb, holding all of my energy inside rather than moving it up and out of my crown chakra.

My diet was already mainly plant based with lots of leafy greens and beetroot to nourish my blood and Helen prescribed some Chinese medicine to assist with this further.

I started going to a yin yoga class every week as well as other light exercise (dance, walking and swimming)

I wholeheartedly feel that the combination of these practices as well as my trust that this will work has brought me to the place that i am now. In balance, with more awareness of my need for yin and bleeding regularly every month.

If you would like to know more about the ancient practice of yoni eggs please contact me directly. I offer workshops regularly in Ibiza and other places worldwide and also on line if we cant meet in person.

So much love,
Arktara Rose x