Multi-Dimentional Chakra Healing

Are you feeling un-grounded and unsure of your next steps? Do you feel like there are emotions or beliefs holding you back? Do you want to find inner stillness and more love for your self?
This wonderful form of hands on healing is effective for physical ailments as well as depression, anxiety and lack of direction or motivation on your life path. Healing through the 13 chakra system results in a feeling of relaxation, lightness, positivity and re-connection with your authentic self.
I will work using different techniques including:
  • Channeled messages from my guides
  • Light body activation and light language
  • Opening, activating, clearing or balancing the chakras using energy/colour/sound
  • Psychic surgery to remove obstructions
  • Crystals and essential oils
  • Guidance on how to integrate the healing and prolong the effects
With a greater sense of clarity and openness you will be able to establish vibrant health, attract new and more positive experiences in your life, and move forward on your spiritual path.

Starting my training in San Marcos, Guatemala then deepening it further in Ibiza with my teacher Solara An-Ra a world renowned channel and healer. I made the connection with my team of guides who assist me to work intuitively in all of my healing sessions and workshops, bringing through wisdom and insights from the unseen realms, angels, star family and past lives. I combine the channeled guidance with the energy of my own heart and soul to create a loving, safe space for growth, release and healing in all of my offerings.

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