My journey to BOOM festival through fear and transformation

As I’m sat in rainy London I feel like I couldn’t be further away from the heat and nature of boom land, but the memories and magic will stay in my heart forever. Taking this time to reflect on the whole experience is bringing me so much joy but also showing me what a journey through fear and transformation it was.

I’d heard about boom many years ago but it being mainly a psy trance festival had always put me off. I’m so glad I listened to my intuition and applied to hold a workshop there because it is so much more than psy trance.

It’s probably one of the best organised festivals I’ve ever been to,
There doing amazing work to leave no trace on the land and consider the eco impact of the festival,
The food choices are delicious,
The workshops and therapists are some of the best in the world and the people are so heart open its beautiful.

I remember sitting at my laptop on the last day for applications wondering if to apply and what I wanted to share. In a moment of clarity it felt right to offer my multi-dimensional crystal healing workshop as it felt in line with the theme of sacred geometry. So I pressed send and trusted that if I was meant to be there I would get accepted.

A few days later I received an exciting email saying I’d been accepted so much joy flowed through my body, but when i spoke to the organiser who told me that most workshops have over 200 people self doubt started to creep in.

Had I taken on more than i was ready for?

As we approached the event I kept trying to tune in to the content of the workshop but nothing was coming through, this isn’t unusual for me as I work very intuitively but knowing there was going to be so many people I was hoping my guides would give me something, but no. I needed to trust and surrender that it would come in the perfect moment.

Fast forward to arriving at boom, the first thing I felt to do was find the space I’d be sharing in. Wow it was huge, fear and excitement filled my body. I sat down and connected with the land and asked permission to be there, tuning in to the ancestors of the land, inviting them to hold and guide me. In that moment I knew I was in the right place and trusted everything would flow perfectly.

That was also the time when the content of the workshop started to came through, as I tried to sleep each night with a lullaby of psy trance vibrating through my body visions came and the direction I had been waiting for flowed with ease.

I had a few days before my event and felt to receive as many workshops as I could in the space. Partly to receive from all of the amazing teachers and fill myself up and partly to see how they worked with the space and the large group size. I’ve shared this workshop and held circles so many times but this was the next level.

It was also bringing back up my fear of public speaking and using a microphone, something I thought I’d left behind in my corporate job. I decided to take some time and go in to this fear to find the reason why it was there.
Within seconds my inner perfectionist was dancing around my being,
Comparing myself to others,
Telling me I’m not good enough,
That I’m not worthy to share my wisdom and it’s not spiritual enough.
So I let her speak and release all of the reasons why I “shouldn’t” share.

Once she was finished I brought my hands to my heart,
Plugged my self in to Mother Earth,
Connected to my star guides and filled my self with love.
All of these fears started to dissolve, my heart and higher self then had chance to speak.
They reminded me this this is what I have been calling in and I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t ready.
It’s time to open my reach and connect with as many people as possible,
To open my channel and allow the wisdom to flow through me with ease,
What I’m sharing is not from my personality self it’s coming from a place bigger than any of us can claim as ours.

As the morning of the event approached my body was vibrating with excitement, I felt so held by my assistants and soul sisters Neema Star and Rachelle. In true San Marcos (my Guatemalan home) style we started the day with a cacao ceremony by the lake, spoke our prayers and combined our energies and headed to the stage.

As soon as we started I forgot about the microphone, the energy flowed, the words rolled out of my being and I loved being on the stage, I could feel the energy of the group combining, it was pure magic. Together we opened up a healing vortex, sharing the crystalline energy with everyone at boom, our loved ones and all beings on the whole planet as well as connecting to the stars and the almost full moon. It was so beautiful to see strangers connecting so deeply with each other and learning about our crystal friends.
This is what makes my heart sing and confirm I’m fully in line with my soul purpose.

I’m so grateful I didn’t let fear make this decision for me.

I encourage you to do the same.
Find a pen and paper,
Make yourself comfy,
Take some deep breaths,
Ground yourself into the earth,
Ask yourself these questions and allow the words to flow without judging your answers:

Where would i be if fear wasn’t part of my life?
If I could do anything I would………
What is holding me back from doing this?

Higher self writing is just 1 tool I use to identify blocks that are holding me back and release them.

If you want to know more about this tool please send me a message.

So much love, 
Arktara Rose x