No Food Just Juice

I did it!!! 7 days of juicing plus a 1 day water fast in silence.

For those of you that know me will probably know that I’ve never really been a fan of long juice fasts, I love healthy food and I never really understood why someone would want to limit them selves so much………..Until now!

I got a really strong message that it was time to do it, how can I have an opinion about something I’ve never experienced. The last few months have been so busy that I didn’t have time to dedicate to it. Then a few days before this new moon Chloe Silverman posted saying she was doing another program, I saw my diary was pretty much open and everything was in alignment.
I received the program, it was so much more that just drinking juice, its a fully holistic cleanse, setting intentions, meditation, journaling, breath work, enemas and different juices and drinks all with a specific purpose, to have the most impact clearing out toxins, stuck emotions and leave me feeling super shiny.
The 8 days have been a bit of a roller coaster, I’ve mainly felt super energised, I had some really big break through moments with my work, seeing new big pieces of my path unfold, the healing sessions I gave were so so powerful, my focus during meditation increased, my channeling flowing so beautifully, I was able to see the patterns I have around food and change them and now I feel much more in tune with what my body actually wants and needs. I’m just amazed how my body coped and thrived without anything solid going in to my mouth.
There was also some challenging days around day 3/4 where fears and emotions came up to be healed, I was able to journal through them now have a clearer understanding on where I need to do a little more work on my self. I had a few cravings different foods, interestingly potatoes that I never eat and chocolate but I understand that craving haha. I really didn’t feel the desire to eat which is what I thought it would be like, the juices kept me pretty much full all day.
Its the morning of day 9, I just did a closing ritual and ate the most delicious nectarine of my life followed by an amazing smoothie and I feel incredible, strong, focused and full of energy.
My views on juicing have totally changed and I urge anyone who is called to experience it just once and see how you feel after. I am now keen to implement it in to my weekly/monthly routine.
So Much Love,
Arktara Rose x