Offerings to open your heart...

How can i support you to grow in to your most authentic self?

I fully believe that we are our own most powerful healers and we are the only ones that can heal ourselves. But where others (like me) can help is to open a safe loving space for healing, transformation and growth.  It fills me with so much joy that i am able to combine the channeled guidance i receive with the energy of my own heart and soul in all of my offerings including workshops, events, private healing sessions and retreats.

We all have unique ways of walking alongs our paths, my intention is connect you to the wisdom of your body and intuition so you can deeply feel how to make decisions for your highest joy and happiness. Through my studies and journey into spirituality and i have learnt many different modalities that i want to share with you. I can do this with complete authenticity and confidence as i know they work, because of them my life has completely transformed.

After my marriage broke down in 2013 i went in to self destruct mode, i had no self worth or self belief and saw myself as a failure. When i was at the lowest point of my life something magical happened, i met a real life angel who is now one of my closest friends. She introduced me to meditation, ceremony, sound healing, energy healing and many other things that started to bring the light back in to my life.

These are the things that i am so passionate to share with you…

Arktara sound journey
cacao ceremonies
Feminine Empowerment
multi dimensional chakra healing

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