Sound Healing

Feeling the vibrations of sound rippling through your body is not just a pleasurable experience its also healing.  I work intuitively with my voice, gong, singing bowls and collection of instruments from around the world, blending together tones and vibrations to send you off to a different dimension.

My journey with sound started through perfect synchronicity when the shamans i had been working with offered to sell me one of their gongs. At the time i had no idea why but i knew i had to buy it, I’d never even played one or knew what i was going to do with it and it sat gathering dust in my room. Shortly after i was connected to a couple offering sound training and booked on straight away. This gave me the connection and knowledge i needed to open my channel and intuition and start my journey with sound.

What to expect during a sound journey with me…..Imagine laying in a loving space, connected to the earth below, your heart open as you are bathed in sacred sounds. Tension, pain, anxiety and stress are dissolved by the healing vibrations. Tuning in to the wisdom of your body and your intuition as you imagination takes you on a journey, maybe you travel up to the stars or connect with your spirit animal. It is possible to have a profound release of emotions or to identify and let go of belief patters that have been holding you back, i will intuitively know the perfect instrument and vibration to guide you through this to leave you feeling centered, grounded and ready for the next steps along your path. Every experience unique and beautiful in its own way.

Why is sound healing?

For centuries sound has been used in many cultures to heal the body and bring peace during times of stress. We sing to a child to sooth them to sleep or sit next to the ocean and listen to the waves when we need a moment of calmness. Everything in our physical and energetic world is made up of vibration, when we experience pain or illness this is a sign that there is a part of our body vibrating in disharmony and creating dis-ease. The healing tones of sound therapy work on all levels of our body, our nervous system, chakras, emotions, organs, brain waves and cells.  During the session you are able to find a relaxed receptive state and these powerful vibrations bring everything in to harmony and balance.

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