Temple of Devotion

A three day temple retreat for couples, lovers and intimate friends.

18th – 20th September, Ibiza

David Taurel and Arktara Rose invite you to immerse yourself into the art of devotion.
Allow your body to melt as we guide you through a series of practices, perfectly woven together to create a space for exploration, presence and love.

Our intentions

Tantra Retreat
Tantra Retreat
Tantra Retreat

What to expect?

Together we will set intentions and begin with a purification ritual to let go of what is no longer needed,

As we move through our time together we will share some of our favourite practices to deepen intimacy & trust and soften into the arms, heart and soul of your partner.

Tantra Retreat

They will include

For who?

We welcome all gender & sexual expressions and relationship types.  We are inviting couples, lovers and intimate friends.

Please book with someone you trust and feel comfortable with for intimate exploration.


Zuzanna is a nutritional conscious food alchemist whose art is weaving together the finest ingredients with her love and attention to detail. She combines locally sourced, seasonal, organic food with her own passion for cooking, to create simple, creative, and heartwarming recipes that inspire. Her intuitive approach helps her to create a taste experience that truly comes from her heart and nourishes from bowl to soul.
Tantra Retreat

Not Included

What does the day look like?

Please note that each day may vary slightly

Tantra Retreat

More about your hosts

Arktara is a transformational facilitator focusing on intimacy and cacao. Her excitement is safe, inclusive spaces where the juicy flow leads to transformation. She feels embodiment, communication and presence are the keys to deepening Intimacy & love with yourself and others.

Host David

David is a tantrika, holistic doctor, intimacy coach, burner and facilitator at Awaken As Love. His mission is to use these tools in service for you, to live in flow with your lifeforce energy, your partner and nature.


Prices & Location

50% non refundable deposit to reserve your space, The balance is to be paid at the start of the retreat. Payment plans are available.

Our hearts are open and ready to welcome you

David & Arktara

Tantra Retreat
Tantra Retreat
Tantra Retreat

Please contact Arktara for further information or to schedule a free exploration call – hello@arktara.com