Thank You To My Body

When was the last time you told your body that you love it?  

This magical vessel that we put through so much every day, it keeps going and going regardless of what we put it through and feed it. How amazing is that?!

Today I’m on day 3 of my juice cleanse I had such a beautiful experience laying in meditation I was inspired to share it. I had a wave of unconditional love come over me that was connected and directed to my physical body. It moved from my feet to my crown sending love to every part. Speaking to every organ, my limbs, my breasts, my skin and really feeling my body react as it received that love and gratitude.

I then went on to gift this week long cleanse to my body. I’m honoring all of the times I’ve put toxicity in to it, all of the times I haven’t respected it, and all of the times I’ve taken it for granted.

Lets start to honor and love our bodies more.
Lets connect with the wisdom inside and listen to what our bodies are telling us.
Lets start accepting and celebrating our selves exactly as we are.
Lets forget what the media tells us is beautiful and love every curve, every stretch mark and every blemish all the parts of us that makes us unique magical beings.
Having a daily self love practice has been so important over the last couple of years but my body is telling me its time to step this up even more.
I commit to giving my self even more love and attention every day…

Whos with me?
So much love, 
Arktara Rose x