Women’s Day

I celebrate my sisters, the ones shining their lights, and the ones in darkness

The ones making choices that resonate with me and the ones I don’t understand

The ones becoming mothers and the ones who can’t, choose not to or haven’t yet

I’m grateful for my mother, her mother, her mothers mother and the female lineage going all the way back through the ages, you shaped me in to who I am today

I cherish the bodies of water flowing in their feminine ways, purifying us every time we dive in to their depths

Bright luminous luna I feel your pull as you shine bright in our sky, kissing us every night with your light as you rise and fall

Pacha mama, oh dearest pacha mama my heart beats with yours, I am in awe of your beauty, I feel your unconditional love every time my bear feet touches your soul

Divine feminine I embrace you in all of your glorious forms, today and every day

But let’s not forget the divine masculine even on this day of women, as none of us would be here without you.

So much love, 
Arktara Rose x